United Kingdom - June 2024

United Kingdom - June 2024

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Saudi Arabia - November 2024

Saudi Arabia - November 2024

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India - February 2025

India - February 2025

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Workplace health and wellbeing - better workplace, better workforce

Wednesday 14th June 12:10 - 12:50

The Business of Physical Activity

As an industry we promote health, wellbeing and activity – but how well is our sector? Are we practising what we preach? and are we providing healthy and fit environments, conditions and opportunities for our workforces and managers? And if we don’t do this what does the future hold for those working within health and fitness?


Peter Webb



Having spent 25 years in the fitness industry, ending in the role of Vice–President of EMEA , for a leading global manufacturer and supplier, Peter decided to make a career change after experiencing the ill effects of ‘Corporate burnout’ in late 2019.

He decided to focus on understanding the development of resilience, effective leadership strategies and positive work cultures, to make sense of why it firstly happened to himself, but how to prevent this occurring to others and within organisations.

The strong link between his passion and knowledge gained from business and personal experience continues to drive the focus on results and change.

Paul Bodger

CEO/Sales and Marketing Director

Origin Fitness

Origin was founded in 2008 to be the UK's best fitness equipment company - the best to work for and the best to work with. The company has quickly grown to be considered one of the leading fitness equipment providers in the UK. At Origin Fitness, we are proud to have a diverse customer base which reaches into all corners of the health and fitness industry and spans across the UK, Europe, Middle East and as far as New Zealand. We aim to create and build lasting relationships by offering the best customer service and the best product ranges, all supported by the passion, dedication, and knowledge of our team.

Hannah Beecham

CEO and Founder

Red January

Hannah is the founder of RED January, a nationwide movement and mental health campaign, that empowers people to overcome barriers that currently lead to higher inactivity and lower wellbeing in the winter.

The winter campaign leads a year-round mission to support movement and mental health projects that can drive real change in local communities, this includes campaigning for positive change in UK workplaces.

Since 2016, over 270,000 have joined the campaign, so far raising more than £3 million as part of their annual personal movement challenge.

Rosa Smith

Head of Health and Wellbeing


As someone who is fairly new to the sports events industry, I have already witnessed through justrunning just how important the role physical activity plays in a workplace. Health and Wellbeing is at the centre of our company focus and we work as a solid unit in our mission to get the nation more active.
I come from a sporting background myself and my hope is to persuade more companies to get their employees moving. I believe that our running events provide a great solution for organisations wanting to improve not only physical health of employees, but mental health too. Since joining the team I have already signed up to running events I would never have considered otherwise.

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