United Kingdom - June 2024

United Kingdom - June 2024

For further information on exhibiting contact Lucy Findlay, Event Director.

Saudi Arabia - November 2024

Saudi Arabia - November 2024

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India - February 2025

India - February 2025

For further information on exhibiting contact Lucy Findlay, Event Director

Navigating the future of fitness education: Trends, insights and best practise.

Wednesday 14th June 16:35 - 17:20

The Business of Physical Activity

Join us for a panel discussion featuring industry experts with decades of experience in the fitness and leisure industry.

Together, we will explore the changing landscape of education in the physical activity sector, reviewing what’s changed in the past twenty years of Active IQ’s experience, whilst discussing latest trends and insights, providing practical advice for navigating this rapidly evolving industry.

Our panellists will share their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities presented and offer insights on how to stay ahead of the curve. We will examine what employers are now looking for in their workforce, how continuing professional development can enable this and debate who should be accountable for CPD.

Whether you are a fitness professional, operator or educator, this panel discussion will provide valuable insights and practical advice for navigating the future of education in the physical activity sector.


Lianne Clark

Active IQ

Rachel Holmes

Educator / Group Fitness Expert / Presenter / Influence

Choreography to Go

Rachel Holmes is the Director of Choreographytogo Education specialising in delivering Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 Qualifications online.

Rachel is the creator of Fitness Pilates, Walkfit™️,Menofit™️ and many Group Fitness Programmes and providing extensive business and social media training for Fitness Professionals.

Zach Schmidt

Head of People and Engagement

Ultimate Performance

Aaron McCulloch

Co-Owner & Director

Your Personal Training

Madeline Cummings

Account Director

Love Recruitment

Steven Dick


The Fitness Group

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