Gareth Mitchell UK Partner Manager

Gareth Mitchell is UK Partner Manager at Heliot Europe. He is interested in all things IoT, and in particular, the ways in which IoT devices and subgigahertz connectivity can solve key industry issues.

Posts by Gareth Mitchell UK Partner Manager:

Harnessing IoT Technology for Stolen Vehicle Recovery

The battle between car thieves and those committed to preventing vehicle theft is an ongoing struggle. Every day in the UK, an average of 159 cars are stolen, and the culprits are often professional gangs of thieves. This figure represents a 20% increase from the previous year in 2022.

In this high-stakes game, the role of technology in tracking down and recovering stolen vehicles has become increasingly critical for police and investigation teams. While established tracking technologies such as GPS have been widely used to combat this, they are not without limitations, and can often be thwarted by savvy criminals. Gareth Mitchell, UK Partner Manager, Heliot Europe, discusses the role of Sigfox’s sub-gigahertz (OG-Wan) radio technology in providing a discreet, robust, and effective solution for stolen vehicle recovery across Europe.