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Fixing the Public Sector IT Debacle

Public sector IT services are no longer fit for purpose. Constant security breaches. Unacceptable downtime. Endemic over-spending. Delays in vital service innovation that would reduce costs and improve citizen experience.

My Predictions: Top Tech Trends in 2024

For many, a new year is synonymous with resolutions. I also see it as a time to think about the top technology considerations to prioritize going forwards. The holiday break gives me time to digest and reflect on the evolving technology landscape. It gives me a framework to build on, helping to open more rewarding discussions with our partners and customers in the new year.

Can partners add value to cloud businesses?

Flexibility. Adaptability. Scalability. Agility. These are the attributes that many businesses want to engender in their organisation. In search of these capabilities, many have turned to cloud technologies to help make them more competitive, driving significant levels of growth across the sector.