TbTech December Edition

Dive into thought-provoking articles and features that dissect the technological breakthroughs predicted to redefine the way we live, work, and connect. From advancements in artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

Tbtech November Edition

Digitalization is reshaping manufacturing through technologies like IoT, data analytics, and automation, fostering smart, efficient processes with real-time monitoring and predictive analytics. Additive manufacturing and cloud computing support customization and scalability, while human-machine collaboration enhances worker efficiency. However, increased connectivity brings cybersecurity challenges. Overall, digitalization empowers manufacturers to optimize processes, improve sustainability, and meet market demands globally.

TBtech October Edition

Clean energy refers to energy sources and technologies that have a minimal impact on the environment in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. These sources, which include renewable energy options such as solar, wind, hydropower, and geothermal, as well as nuclear power, are characterized by their ability to produce power with reduced carbon emissions and a lower ecological footprint. Clean energy represents a responsible and sustainable approach to meeting our energy needs while mitigating the negative environmental and climatic effects associated with traditional fossil fuel-based energy generation.

TBtech September Edition

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the network of interconnected physical devices embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies, enabling them to collect and exchange data. This connectivity allows for seamless integration, real-time information exchange, and enhanced automation across various industries and applications.

TBtech July Edition

Cost-saving tech that enables businesses to meet ESG targets. The way we work has transformed immeasurably over the past decade. Technology, society and the pandemic have seen hybrid accepted as a new norm, online meetings an ordinary occurrence, and ESG targets a reality for every type
of business.

TBtech June Edition

Sustainable living practices not only help reduce pollution but also conserve natural resources like water and energy. Businesses and people that care about sustainability are also less likely to encroach upon the natural habitats of wild animals, thus helping protect the biodiversity of our planet.

TBtech May Edition

The threat from economic crime continues to grow. Fraud accounted for an estimated 41% of all crime experienced by adults in England and Wales in the year ending September 2022. The National Crime Association assesses it is a realistic possibility that over £100 billion pounds is laundered every year through the UK or through UK corporate structures using High End Money Laundering methods.

TBtech April Edition

A network of devices that make use of sensors, chips, software, online connectivity, analytics, and applications to bring static physical objects to life. These devices create substantial value, and they are futuristic, scalable, and automated.

TBtech March Edition

The metaverse has been billed as a game-changer that will transform the way we work and live, and it has endless possibilities to meet our shopping needs too. While initially dispelled by some as a gimmick, metaverse platforms have already proven to be thriving settings for commerce. But as more people virtually flock to the metaverse to spend their hard-earned cash, retail disputes may become more commonplace. As the metaverse is likely to become a long-term fixture in our lives, dispute resolution services may need to evolve to be able to provide their real-world services in the virtual world too.

TBtech February Edition

When people think of artificial intelligence, what comes to mind is a cadre of robots uniting as sentient beings to overthrow their masters. AI has woven its way into the daily lives of consumers, arriving in the form of good recommendation engines for online shopping, recommending solutions for customer service questions from the knowledge base, or suggestions on how to fix grammar when writing an email.

TBtech January 2023

For many businesses, the new year represents a chance to leave behind a difficult 2022, defined by economic uncertainty and growing living costs, forcing companies to make cuts, freeze headcount or scale back projects. However, looking towards the future could swiftly stifle hopes of a fresh start, with the CBI predicting further recession until 2024 and the British Chambers of Commerce foreseeing a “long road
to recovery.”

TBtech December edition

We are having to manage and adapt to many changes in todays current world, technology is constantly moving forward to find ways to hopefully help. We have access to data and are more connected to devices, adding that to the exploration in machine learning, and simulation, we are starting to get a glimpse of where we are heading in 2023 and beyond.

TBtech November edition

Sustainability in technology has already made its way into our daily routines. Examples are
public and electric transport
and Solar power. Sustainable technology has the potential to transform how businesses operate.
Industries aim to minimize any negative social and environmental impacts, which is good for its reputation. By implementing sustainable innovations, companies can stay competitive.

TBtech October edition

Modern devices can help to enhance our lives. Toddlers and preschoolers learn by listening to music or watching programs on handheld gadgets. The visual representation helps to stimulate their senses. Some people are having shallow and meaningless relationships due to the influence of technology. People are neglecting to engage personally, uninhibited by phones and devices and even when actually in the presence of others. They are becoming more reliant on communicating with friends and family through technology.

tbtech Magazine August edition

Cyber security is important because our devices are now such a fundamental part of modern life, that it’s difficult to imagine how we’d function without them. From online banking and shopping, to email and social media, it’s more important than ever to take steps that can prevent cyber criminals getting hold of our accounts, data, and devices. Another purpose of cybersecurity is to protect all organizational assets from both external and internal threats as well as disruptions caused due to
natural disasters.

tbtech July edition

The cloud. What is it, and how does it work? The tech industry love to use buzzwords. The problem is that these terms don’t make it clear what they actually mean to consumers. ‘The cloud’ is one of those terms. When users say their data is in the cloud, or that you can work in the cloud, simply means, it’s stored somewhere — lots of somewheres — and the network of servers find what you need and deliver it. The cloud refers to software and services that run on the Internet, instead of locally on your computer. Most cloud services can be accessed through a web browser Another benefit of the cloud is that, because the remote servers handle much of the computing and storage, you don’t necessarily need an expensive, high-end machine to store your information.

tbtech magazine June

Communication refers to a group of people, processes or tools that are responsible for the effective flow of information and collaboration between employees within a company or brands and consumers. Open and transparent communication tend to have higher employee engagement and retention.

The Software Edition

Through no-code AI, innovation that really matters will be driven by people who need them most to optimise their workflow – and it will affect several sectors of the economy, particularly manufacturing, which has seen a rapid rise in AI adoption in its production and assembling process.

Opening the lid on hardware advances

Everyone is talking about Software, but as the software that enriches our world develops so must the hardware powering it. tbtech takes a look at how digital transformation is changing forever and how the hardware of the world has been evolving strides beyond what we thought was possible only a few years ago.