Fixing the Public Sector IT Debacle

Public sector IT services are no longer fit for purpose. Constant security breaches. Unacceptable downtime. Endemic over-spending. Delays in vital service innovation that would reduce costs and improve citizen experience.

Best of tech to meet at VivaTech in May

A veritable crossroads for business and innovation, VivaTech once again promises to show why it has become an unmissable stop on the international business calendar. With its expanding global reach and emphasis on crucial themes like AI, sustainable tech, and mobility, VivaTech stands as the premier destination for decoding emerging trends and assessing their economic...

Why OEMs need to Kick Digital Transformation into Gear

James Smith, Head of Client Services, and Chris Hanson, Head of Data at One Nexus explain why it is vital for OEMs to empower their dealer networks with the information to tap into new revenue streams while reinforcing the customer relationships required to retain loyalty in a fast-changing market.

Enabling “Farm to Fork” efficiency between supermarkets & producers

Today, consumers across the UK are facing a cost of living crisis. As a result, many retailers and supermarkets are striving to keep their costs down, so that they can avoid passing these onto shoppers. Within this, one area that is increasingly under scrutiny for many organisations surrounds how to improve supply chain efficiency. This...

Addressing Regulatory Compliance in Government-Owned, Single-Use Devices

Corporate-owned single-use (COSU) devices, also known as dedicated devices, make work easier for businesses and many government agencies. They’re powerful smart devices that fulfil a single purpose. Think smart tablets used for inventory tracking, information kiosks, ATMs, or digital displays. But, in a government setting, these devices fall under strict regulatory compliance standards.

Advantages of Cloud-based CAD Solutions for Modern Designers

Say goodbye to the days of clunky desktop software chaining us to specific desks. Instead, we’re stepping into a new era fueled by cloud CAD solutions. These game-changing tools not only offer designers unmatched flexibility but also foster collaboration and efficiency like never before!

Harnessing IoT Technology for Stolen Vehicle Recovery

The battle between car thieves and those committed to preventing vehicle theft is an ongoing struggle. Every day in the UK, an average of 159 cars are stolen, and the culprits are often professional gangs of thieves. This figure represents a 20% increase from the previous year in 2022. In this high-stakes game, the role...

What are Multi-core Safety-Critical Avionics?

A multi-core processor is a type of central processing unit that integrates multiple individual processing units onto a single chip. It supports different cores executing their tasks simultaneously, for quick and enhanced overall performance. Multi-core processors nowadays support safety-critical avionics. Find out more about what multi-core processors are, what multi-core safety-critical avionics are, and how...

Why Transition from 4G to 5G+ vRAN/O-RAN?

The journey from legacy to 5G doesn’t have to be off-putting. It is a process that, if approached strategically, can make your company a pioneer in the digital age. Virtual and Open RAN, which come with broader choices of technology options and greater flexibility, are giving service providers greater opportunity as they transition their networks....

A three-step strategy to better energy management

As energy costs have continued to rise, the need for better energy management has increasingly been discussed in boardrooms up and down the land. However, it is often difficult for internal advocates to justify the ROI of such projects due to the insufficiency or inaccuracy of the data available. So much so that Garner suggests...

Importance of a Zero Trust Approach to GenAI

In an era where machine-generated media holds increasing influence over how we communicate, live, and learn, ensuring accountability will be paramount. Holistically integrating Zero Trust security spanning authentication, authorisation, data validation, process oversight and output controls will be vital to ensure such systems are safeguarded as much as possible against misuse. But what would Zero...

AI alignment: teaching tech human language

However, Embodied AI refers to robots, virtual assistants or other intelligent systems that can interact with and learn from a physical environment. In order to do this, they’re built with sensors that can gather data from their surroundings, with this they also have AI systems that help them analyse data they collect, and ultimately learn...

CARMA announces acquisition of mmi Analytics

CARMA announces acquisition of mmi Analytics, expanding expertise in Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle sectors The combined organisation is set to redefine the landscape of media intelligence, providing unparalleled expertise and comprehensive insights for PR professional and marketers in the exciting world of beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

Managing Private Content Exposure Risk in 2024

Managing the privacy and compliance of sensitive content communications is getting more and more difficult for businesses. Cybercriminals continue to evolve their approaches, making it harder than ever to identify, stop, and mitigate the damages of malicious attacks. But, what are the key issues for IT admins to look out for in 2024?

Revolutionizing Ground Warfare Environment with Software-Enabled Armored Vehicles

Armoured vehicles which are purpose-built for mission-critical operations are reliant on control systems that provide deterministic behaviour to meet hard real-time requirements, deliver extreme reliability, and meet rigorous security requirements against evolving threats. Wind River® has the partners and the expertise, a proven real-time operating system (RTOS), software lifecycle management techniques, and an extensive track...