United Kingdom - June 2024

United Kingdom - June 2024

For further information on exhibiting contact Lucy Findlay, Event Director.

Saudi Arabia - November 2024

Saudi Arabia - November 2024

For further information on exhibiting contact Lucy Findlay, Event Director

India - February 2025

India - February 2025

For further information on exhibiting contact Lucy Findlay, Event Director

Health and fitness is NOT fit for purpose?

Wednesday 14th June 13:50 - 14:20

The Business of Physical Activity

It’s time to re-think. Health & Fitness, as we know, is not working…or at least not for the vast majority of the population, with 85% not darkening the doors of our facilities. We've got to stop, pause and reflect on how we can adapt.

In short, we have got to do things differently if we really want to improve the health of our nation, expand beyond the active 15% of users and seek to get the health sector to take us seriously.

Why is it that we are so reluctant to change and adapt the traditional Health, Fitness & Leisure offer to cater for new markets? Not only will these markets offer huge financial rewards, they will provide health and social returns for your area and partners across health, social care and the economy. What can we do to build stronger communities that will last and impact greatly on future generations?

Let's remove the blinkers, change our thinking and mindset and open our doors to the 85%. Survive or thrive?


Jon Hymus

Commercial Director


Tamara Bailey

Customer Engagement Manager


Tamara comes from a background in operations having spent many years managing health and fitness operations. Her passion has always been in creating customer experiences to drive member engagement and retention, and for the last 10 years has worked with companies such as TRP and Myzone to help operators maximise technology to create effective customer journeys that generate community and engagement. For the last 18 months Tamara has been part of the Alliance TA6 team helping to develop meaningful customer engagement strategies for the evolving needs of leisure providers, and to truly meet their customers where they are.

Helen Bull

National Commercial Aquatics Manager

Serco Leisure

Eric Kihlstrom


Wave Active

Naseem Akhtar BEM


Saheli Hub

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